Unlocking the Galaxy: Your Guide to Bounty Hunting Jobs in Starfield

Unlocking the Galaxy: Your Guide to Bounty Hunting Jobs in Starfield
Unlocking the Galaxy: Your Guide to Bounty Hunting Jobs in Starfield (Gamerant)

Game Starfield offers an expansive universe brimming with opportunities, and with every corner of the cosmos comes a chance to amass wealth. While acquiring top-tier spaceships is tempting, they come at a hefty price. For aspiring spacefarers, bounty hunting can provide a fast track to substantial earnings.

Joining the Ranks of Trackers Alliance

The ultimate guide to embarking on bounty hunting missions in Starfield.

Within the realms of Starfield, the Trackers Alliance stands as the premier guild for bounty hunters. To partake in their lucrative missions, players must navigate the myriad of kiosks situated in bustling urban hubs.

Here, we delve into the art of accepting bounty-hunting contracts and raking in the credits. Be forewarned, though; these missions can pit you against formidable adversaries and heavily armed vessels. Therefore, it is imperative to be adequately prepared before embarking on your pursuit.

Scouting Trackers Alliance Agents

Identifying the key figures for your Starfield bounty hunting journey.

One vital figure within the bounty hunting sphere of Starfield is the Trackers Alliance Agent. These formidable figures, clad in their distinctive bounty hunter armor, are scattered across the expansive universe.

Interacting with them can yield unique missions, providing players with a chance to bolster their wealth. Additionally, these agents are invaluable sources of information, generously sharing insights into the workings of the Trackers Alliance and recounting tales from their thrilling bounty-hunting escapades.

For players burdened with a “Wanted” status, these agents offer redemption at a price. Settling your bounty debt through them will secure your clean slate. Engage them for more lucrative contracts, and they will direct you to the nearest Mission Board.

Uncovering Opportunities at Mission Boards

Where Starfield bounty hunters source their lucrative contracts.

Missions Boards serve as the heart of bounty hunting endeavors in Starfield. These kiosks can be found in faction headquarters and taverns, serving as hubs for the recruitment of companions. Your initial encounter may be at the Viewport bar, conveniently situated near the landing pad in New Atlantis.

These kiosks are often stationed adjacent to Self-Service Bounty Clearance terminals, which facilitate the expungement of your criminal record for a fee.

Initiate your mission quest by pressing the A button on the kiosk, unveiling a plethora of contracts at your disposal. Keep an eye out for tasks involving ship destruction, target elimination, or hostage rescues, as they fall under the category of bounty missions.

The rewards for these endeavors are conveniently displayed beside the mission titles. On the flip side, if you are presented with delivery tasks, these originate from the Trade Authority and often come with time constraints.

Upon accepting a bounty mission, it will be logged into your mission tracker. Your objective: locate the target and execute the necessary actions to fulfill the contract. Upon successful completion, the promised reward will be instantly deposited into your account, paving the way for your further adventures in the boundless universe of Starfield.

A Universe Awaits Your Bounty-Hunting Expertise

As you traverse the uncharted territories of Starfield, bounty hunting stands as a lucrative and thrilling path to prosperity. The Trackers Alliance beckons, ready to unveil new horizons and challenges to intrepid spacefarers.

With every contract, the cosmos unravels its secrets and opportunities, waiting for those daring enough to seize them. So, embark on your next mission, sharpen your skills, and amass a fortune among the stars. The galaxy is yours to explore, and your destiny as a bounty hunter awaits. Safe travels, commander.

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