Anime Solo Leveling: New Trailer and Main Voice Cast Revealed!

Solo Leveling Anime
Solo Leveling Anime (

For avid Solo Leveling fans, great news has arrived regarding the long-awaited anime adaptation. The latest trailer was finally unveiled during the Crunchyroll Industry panel at Anime Expo 2023. It’s been announced that the Solo Leveling anime, based on the popular manhwa of the same name, will premiere in Winter 2024. This article will cover all the exciting details about this anime!

Anime Solo Leveling: New Trailer and Voice Cast

This anime trailer takes us into the highly anticipated world of Solo Leveling. While previous trailers mainly focused on Sung Jinwoo, this time fans can get a glimpse of more main characters like Sung Jinwoo, Yoo Jinho, Baek Yoonho, and Cha Hae-In. With this broader introduction of characters, fans are even more eager to see this series.

Talented Voice Cast

To breathe life into these beloved characters, the production team has assembled a highly talented voice cast. Here’s a brief list of the main characters and their voice actors:

  • Sung Jinwoo will be voiced by Taito Ban.
  • Yoo Jinho’s voice will be provided by Genta Nakamura.
  • Character Cha Hae-In will be voiced by Reina Ueda.
  • Daisuke Hirakawa will lend his voice to Choi Jong-in.
  • Hiroki Touchi will be the voice behind Baek Yoonho.
  • Banjo Ginga will voice Go Gunhee.
  • Makoto Furukawa will bring Woo Jinchul to life.

Quality Studio and Production Team

The Solo Leveling anime is entrusted to Studio A-1 Pictures, known for producing various high-quality anime. Behind the scenes, there’s an experienced team, including director Shunsuke Nakashige, scriptwriter Noboru Kimura, and composer Hiroyuki Sawano, renowned for his outstanding music. With a quality production team, Solo Leveling is sure to be a highly anticipated anime.

Brief Synopsis

For those not familiar with Solo Leveling, let’s take a quick look at its synopsis. The story is set in a world where mysterious portals called “gates” connect the human world to a parallel dimension filled with terrifying creatures. Certain individuals, known as “Hunters,” have the power to hunt down these creatures. Hunters are ranked from E to S, indicating their power levels.

The story focuses on Sung Jinwoo, initially known as the “weakest hunter of mankind” and often ridiculed as the “World’s Weakest.” Despite his low rank, Jinwoo possesses unwavering determination. He risks his life by entering dangerous gates to support his sick mother and younger sister. The story follows Jinwoo’s epic journey from a weak Hunter to the strongest.

Closing: High Anticipation for Winter 2024

The Solo Leveling anime is one of the most anticipated adaptations in recent years. An engaging storyline, strong characters, and an experienced production team are the reasons why this anime is so eagerly awaited. Although we have to wait until Winter 2024, fans can already feel the excitement of following the epic story of Solo Leveling.

With a more comprehensive introduction of the main characters and a talented voice cast, the Solo Leveling anime is ready to make a splash on the small screen. Get ready for an extraordinary anime adventure!

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